What is Antifoam and Defoamer?

Circa 2009

Inside the Lab.

Inside the Lab.

Industries all around the world are plagued by the same problem: over-foaming.  Whether you are drilling for oil, washing clothes, manufacturing pulp/paper, brewing beer, or producing antibiotics, foam control plays a significant part of your process.  Unregulated foam can decrease equipment efficiency, limit machine capabilities, waste raw materials and final products, lessen product quality, delay your reaction period, and increase environmental pollution.

Foam is the result of surfactants in your system that trap gases and form bubbles.  The bubbles can only form if the liquid has a surface tension that allows for a film to develop.  For example, bubbles do not build up in pure water because the surface tension is too high and the bubble edge, or lamella, cannot stabilize.  When surfactants are added to the water, the surface tension is lowered, and bubbles begin forming! 

A specialized antifoam or defoamer can ensure that your system capabilities are operating at their maximum.  It is common to hear "antifoam" and "defoamer" used as synonyms, but they are in fact different products.  A defoamer is used when foam needs to be minimized immediately, providing what we call the "knock down" effect.  Antifoam is a product that is added to a system before the foam problem occurs, regulating the amount of foam produced in a system to the exact specification of the doser but controlling the entrained air.  Various formulations can result in a product that shows performance emphasizing "knock-down", foam suppression (antifoam), or a combination of the two!

Not all foam is bad.  The soap you use at home is designed to foam when you wash your hands, so that you understand it is working.  The same circumstance is true for your laundry detergent.  It is the job of the antifoam/defoamer manufacturer to make sure that your needs are met to the exact specification of your process.  Here at SIXIN, we have over 22 years experience mastering foam control technology and innovation.  Antifoam and defoamer are our only products, it's all we do!  You can feel confident in your choice to use SIXIN products, because your foaming problems are our only priority, and there isn't a problem we have not been able to solve.  

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