In brief, the two works during the fermentation industry is to transform the starch into sugar by the amylase, and then transform sugar into final products by yeast. You have to eliminate the CO2 in time all through the process; otherwise it brings negative effects on the fermentation.


A lot of foam occurs when air is used to stir raw materials, so the fermentation tank is always full of foam.  Foam will not only influence the cultivation process of the microorganism, bu also make a lot of troubles to the production processes as bacteria and products begin to separate.  SIXIN fermentation defoamers mainly include silicon and polyether active ingredients.  The two defoamers will be sterilized when added to the application system.  Sterilization temperature is 130 *C.  

Defoamer after sterilization usually has two adding methods.  One is base material added with a spawn, carbon source and nutrient substance to control the foam during the fermentation process.  The other is adding defoamer during the fermentation process.  

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