The Nanjing SIXIN-Scientific Institute of Technology Application Co., was formed in 1992 by Dr. William Tsao and has spent 20 years only focusing on defoamers. During the 20 years of development and growth, SIXIN has the largest Chinese domestic defoamers product patents and Asia’s largest defoamer production base, manufacturing 60,000 tons of antifoam each year. It is SIXIN’s responsibility to serve customers all over the world using our state-of-the-art defoamers, the most comprehensive experiments, and pilot platform.

SIXIN is constantly developing new technology, new standards, new thinking, and new ideas to tap all defoamer markets and to find relevant talent and development opportunities.  The SIXIN Research and Development Center has a professional, efficient, and experienced group of scientists staying ahead of the curve.  Our engineers and scientists have been perfecting antifoam formulations for over 23 years.  SIXIN covers all industries using defoamers, including: textile, pharmaceutical, paper, paint, oil, cleaning, food, fertilizer, cement, building materials, machinery, and processing. 

Defoamers can increase productivity, optimize efficiency, improve product quality, reduce environmental pollution, and control costs of manufacturing.  SIXIN’s product development is based on solving difficult industry problems.  Creating breakthrough solutions is our main focus for each and every company SIXIN does business with.  The result of each custom service is high stability, excellent defoaming performance, efficient long lasting defoaming characteristics, and improved product output.  SIXIN has 7 defoaming series with over 199 varieties of antifoam that are sold nationwide, to over 50 countries internationally, accounting for more than 2000 customers.  

Already established as the leader in the industry, the China National Standards Committee developed China’s first “Silicone Defoamers” industry standard in 2009.  SIXIN heads the National Defoaming Standard that regulates defoaming laws in Asia.  SIXIN's environmental standard exceeds the minimum requirement sent by the Chinese government, and is always looking to improve their processes with regards to environmental protection.  

In 2011, SIXIN opened up their first branch in the United States, SIXIN North America, Inc., located in Tigard, OR.  Our premier spot in Oregon allows for easy reception and distribution of our antifoam products.  SIXIN North America, Inc. embodies the principles and goals of SIXIN-Scientific and is equipped with a knowledgeable and motivated staff of engineers, sales personnel, and corporate executives.  At SIXIN, your business is not a statistic, but a partnership.  SIXIN knows that each customer has a different set of variables and requirements.  Products from SIXIN are guaranteed to work because they are designed for YOU!  Let us fix your foaming problems.      


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