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At SIXIN, we are proud of our accomplishments and are always striving to stay ahead of the curve.  We want you to know that your products are coming from a top of line facility from the hands of innovated and successful scientists.  We have been awarded 1 international patent and 41 national patents for our products and preparations.  Below are just a few of our many awards and accomplishments:


Dr. William Tsao establishes the Nanjing SIXIN Scientific-Technological Application Research Institute.


SIXIN was awarded the "Trustworthy Contract Enterprise, Grade 3A" by the People's Government of Nanjing

Patent No. ZL200410064717.9: Defoamer used for high temperatures and its related preparation method


Patent No. ZL200510094717.8: Non-silicone defoamer used for aqueous systems


CHUZHOU SIXIN Co., Ltd was established

Patent No. ZL200610040821.3: Preparation method for defoamer active composition


SIXIN was awarded "Hi-Tech Enterprise" by Jiangsu Province Science Commission

Patent No. ZL200710135193.1: Defoamer used for liner board paper machine


Patent No. ZL200810242592.2: A method to improve the stability of mineral oil based defoamer.


Patent No. US8258192B: Silicone composition emulsion and method for preparing


"SIXIN Defoamer" was awarded as a "Nanjing Famous Brand" by the local Government

Patent No. ZL201010584403.7: Mineral oil based defoamer and its related preparation method


SIXIN becomes the main drafter of the National Standard of Silicon Defoamer

Patent No. ZL201110212041.3: Natural higher aliphatic alcohols emulsion and its related preparation method.


Patent No. CN102600647B: Method for preparing stable aliphatic emulsions

Patent No. CN102698475B: Defoaming Composition

Patent No. CN102716600B: Method for improving foam suppression performance of organosilicone emulsion

Patent No. CN102718978B: Method for reducing viscosity of organic silicone emulsion

Patent No. CN10380434B: Organic silicon composition and preparation method thereof

Patent No. CN103830937B: Preparation method of stable natural fatty alcohol emulsion

Patent No. CN103877753B: Organosilicon emulsion antifoaming agent and preparation method

Patent No. CN103041622B: Organic silicon emulsion defoaming agent of spinning pulp and preparation method of organic silicon emulsion defoaming agent


Patent No. CN104001350B: Method for improving performance of antifoaming agent for circuit board cleaning.

Patent No. CN103275493B: Organosilicon composition

Patent No. CN103272411B: Foam inhibitor and preparation method thereof

Patent No. CN104274998B: Organosilicone composition preparation method and application thereof

Patent No. CN103603215B: Preparation method of organic silicon defoaming agent used for textile printing and dyeing

Patent No. CN10362353B: Method for improving fatty alcohol emulsion stability


Patent No. CN104069656B: Defoaming composition.

Patent No. CN104130879B: Defoaming agent for liquid detergent

Patent No. CN104179071B: Papermaking wet end defoaming agent

Patent No. CN104479439B: Mineral oil defoaming agent

Patent No. CN104399286B: Natural fatty alcohol emulsion

Patent No. CN104436766B: Organosilicone composition

Patent No. CN104436767B: Organosilicone composition, preparation method and application thereof


Patent No. CN104784980B: Defoaming composition

Patent No. CN104946134B: Preparation method of stable oil-in-water emulsion with high solid content

Patent No. CN104941260B: Preparation method for powder defoaming agent.

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